I got everything under cont...
uh oh.


I love making movies.

I love showing people a good time.

If I can do that and pay the bills-
that'd be heavenly.

See you at the movies.
-Logan Jonker

Starting Off About me:

I've learned a lot in my years of production:

Sometimes it's easier to ask forgiveness than to get permission.
Always mic, no matter if the client 'thinks' they don't need one.
Have a plan, even if you don't follow it.
To say there is one way to make a movie is like saying there is only one way to paint.
Failure is a good result.
Art is never completed; simply abandoned.

I am a story teller. I started on paper, but when I started making videos in school with borrowed cameras, it kindled something special.

I've read books recommended by my brother and others to learn as much as I could, when I could. And on my first shooting day of the Finder's Keepers short with 8 locations in as many hours, I was exhausted from the hardest and most difficult day I had ever worked- and IT WAS EXHILARATING. Though the footage turned out rough, it was a solid learning experience, and I knew I was doing what I was supposed to be doing.



jX12 - Jonker Xperiment circa 2012

In an attempt to upgrade my production name and to reboot my goals in a new direction I chose jX12. J for Jonker, 12 for 2012 and X is the X-Factor that can be just about anything. I have experienced quite a bit of challenges and growth starting back in 2012 and it is fitting to mark the new chapter of my career. To the Future!


Young & Bald

Bald Artists are smooth-
Young & Bald was my production name up until last year. I came across the title while applying for a job years ago as the manager scribbled it on my resume to remember me when I called back. The name has served me well, though I am still Young at Heart and still bald, it was time to update and take my productions into a little more mature direction.


Boom Torso?

This is an old family gag/game- if you found the easter egg on the site in the credits- congrats!
Rules: Upon seeing another player, you mime a firearm (pistol, shotgun, bazooka, etc.) shoot the other player before they shoot you and say "Boom Torso!".

Ah, the memories. Enjoy-


The Background Picture

In case anyone was wondering what my background looked like on these pages.


2006: Logan VS Snagol: Lord of the Dishes

This is my first official video project when I began seriously pursuing this career. It was fun to make and laugh about. It actually aired in a theatre in Wichita KS back in 2008 prior to Darkness at the Exploration Place Theatre to a good audience response.



Credit where Credit is due (as well as a big thanks):

The Clear Neon still courtesy of JDDL Productions

LDRS still archived from the Science Channel wesbite

The nice red curtain backdrop on the slideshow is courtesy of Seth Golub. Visit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sethoscope for more

And a special Credit/Thanks to Kevin MacLeod at incompetech.com for the many pieces of royalty free music I've used through the years.

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Boom Torso!

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