he's got everything under control.

When criminals have a problem, they contact specialists: a burglar or smuggler or even a hitman.
When their victims have no one else to turn to, they find a Middleman.

After completing his last assignment before retiring, Jason sets out to investigate the murder of an old friend in a small town. Things get complicated as he uncovers ties to old enemies, old secrets and an old love.

My intent is to shoot this low-budget feature locally with local talent. I am already creating sequences like the Jackie Chan choreography I grew up with and MacGuyver style situations the hero thinks his way out of. I hope to use some of the local MMA and Parkour artists to make these sequences come to life.

The first step is to see who is interested locally. Interested actors should fill out the form. Experience not necessary- commitment and drive preferred.

Right now I am looking for at least 1 actor, plus at least 2 actors/actresses. The Poster will feature an actor portraying Jason, handcuffed in a chair, surrounded by guards. He's been beaten, bruised, bandaged- being held at knife and gunpoint. Preferable villain candidates will have a rough look, tatoos, unique hairstyle, wardrobes, etc. Also a WELL TRAINED- mean looking dog who can LOOK ferocious on command would help you get into the poster.


The Plan:

  • Initial Casting Call- NOW
  • Teaser Poster
  • Teaser Trailer
  • Kickstarter
  • Feature Casting Call
  • Feature Production



Credit where Credit is due (as well as a big thanks):

The Clear Neon still courtesy of JDDL Productions

LDRS still archived from the Science Channel wesbite

The nice red curtain backdrop on the slideshow is courtesy of Seth Golub. Visit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sethoscope for more

And a special Credit/Thanks to Kevin MacLeod at incompetech.com for the many pieces of royalty free music I've used through the years.

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