I am up for any project, large or small. One of the best aspects of movie making is solving challenges creatively with a willing cast and crew who just want be a part of the storytelling experience. I study each aspect of the process so I can work harder and longer with my team in order to create the best project we can achieve.

2012: First Responders

This First Responders project was to promote a ministry at First Baptist Church where they were praying for the men and women who worked as First Responders in the county.

This is one of several promotional videos I produced for FBC.


2011: Triple Threat Sermon Series Promo Video

The Triple Threat promo was played during all 3 services for several weeks during the sermon series.

This is one of several promotional videos I produced for FBC.


2010: Osage Prairie YMCA Strong Kids Campaign

I was asked to produce this promo for an end of year fundraising banquet. I shot much of the footage on one day and the interviews on another. I was disappointed with the quality of audio and cleaned it up as best as I could.


2010: Church Picnic

This was a promo for the church picnic- we really didn't have much direction for what they wanted so we went with the silent film vein and some of the simpler stylization that goes with it.

This is one of several promotional videos I produced for FBC.


2009: Celebrate Recovery Psalm 23 Promo

This project was created to promote the FBC Celebrate Recovery program.


2008: Lars & Sarah Jonker Wedding

The wedding was held in Turkey Run State Park, Indiana, about 20 feet from a waterfall. I cleaned up the sound while overlaying natural stream audio to mask the roar. The final project included the photos from the photographers covering the rehearsal, wedding and banquet.


2008: Heart of David Worship Class

I created this video from the ideas of the Youth Pastor and the help of his youth Group. We put this together while I was working Pre-Production on Road to Rising Moon.


2008: The Road to Rising Moon

This project started in Washington, but unforeseen setbacks caused us to stop production. I wrote the script but was a little naive in the scope of what we could have accomplished with our limited budget. I look forward to completing this project in the future.

Trent is a young filmmaker, struggling to get started encountering obstacle after obstacle in his attempts to pursue his dream. The scenes linked here are from the sequence where Trent has moved cross country to help his childhood friend, Lucas, make a movie. This sequence occurs at the beginning of the last third of the film, but it echoes much of the sentiment in the movie.

Road To Rising Moon, scenes 96-97, PDF


2007 to 2011: Finder's Keepers 2007

Finder's Keepers, scenes 13-18, PDF

We shot the short film in Enid, Ok. It turned out OK, aside from some technical issues, that I've learned to correct. That day was the most difficult day of work I had ever done, and I loved every minute of it. This sequence became the groundwork for the feature story of Finder's Keepers.



Credit where Credit is due (as well as a big thanks):

The Clear Neon still courtesy of JDDL Productions

LDRS still archived from the Science Channel wesbite

The nice red curtain backdrop on the slideshow is courtesy of Seth Golub. Visit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sethoscope for more

And a special Credit/Thanks to Kevin MacLeod at incompetech.com for the many pieces of royalty free music I've used through the years.

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